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"A Vast Selection Of eBooks At Your Finger Tips"

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If wide variety of selection of eBooks is most important to you than Kindle is the best eBook app available. You can search Kindle's library for countless eBooks both free and paid. You must have an Amazon account though to download eBooks to Kindle but there is no better selections available for iPhone users than Kindle.

The downside is it's not as eye pleasing as iBooks nor does it do as well to organize your eBooks as iBooks. Customizing your eBook to your personal taste also isn't as easy as iBooks.

All and all you can't go wrong with either and having both iBooks and Kindle available is not a bad idea. Because if you can't find a book for iBooks, chances are you will find it for Kindle. So I recommend both apps for the heavy readers who are always on the go.

  • Vast Number Of eBooks Available
  • Saves eBooks To Your Amazon Account For Later
  • Always Syncs With You Kindle Account
  • Free
  • Not As Eye Pleasing As iBooks
  • Doesn't Organize Your eBooks As Well As iBooks
  • You Must Have An Amazon Account To Use Kindle
  • Not As Easy To Customize Your eBooks As iBooks

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01 Aug 2010

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  1. A huge library of ebooks in your pocket